Holley Street Avenger Carburetors

Holley Street Avenger Carburetors

Holley Street Avenger Carburetors are loaded with no trouble features so you can get the best bolt on and go street performance. Offers no trouble vacuum secondary with a 60 second adjustment that can give you 6% more acceleration, or a 5% improvement in fuel economy. Every Street Avenger comes factory set and flowed with no trouble float adjustment. You can easily adjust your float to your float level requirement using the glass window sight.

  • Adjustable quick-change vacuum secondary
  • Built-in secondary fuel filters
  • 4th generation Holley power valve with million-mile blowout protection
  • Adjustable needle and seat
  • Four vacuum ports
  • Street Avenger fuel metering system
  • Compatible with any 9-5/16" center-to-center fuel line designed for 4150 Series carbs
  • 100% wet-flow tested and calibrated
  • Electric or manual choke

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