SBC ProComp Aluminum Cylinder Heads 190 Runner Bare - Item # PCM 3002

SBC ProComp Aluminum Cylinder Heads 190 Runner Bare - Item # PCM 3002

Pro Comp Aluminum Cylinder Heads are a great choice for an out of the box horse power upgrade for your Small Block Chevy. These Pro Comp Cylinder Heads have a thick Deck Design and High Capacity water jackets that makes them a reliable choice for street or strip applications. Pro Comp Cylinder Heads accept standard Small Block Chevy pistons, headers, intake manifold, and valve train components. Offered in straight or angle plugged (Sold in pairs, 2 heads).

Specifications :
  • Brand
  •         ProComp
  • Manufacturer’s Part #
  •         PC3002
  • Cylinder Head Style
  •         Bare
  • Cylinder Head Material
  •         Aluminum
  • Combustion Chamber
  •         64cc
  • Intake Runner Volume
  •         190cc
  • Exhaust Runner Volume
  •         80cc
  • Intake Port size
  •         1.175W x 2.020H
  • Exhaust Port size
  •         1.420W x 1.350H
  • Spark Plug Style
  •         Angle or Straight
  • Intake Valve Diameter
  •         2.020 in.
  • Exhaust Valve Diameter
  •         1.600 in.
  • Rocker Stud Thread Size
  •         7/16 - 20 in.
  • Accessory Bolt Holes
  •         Yes
  • Valve Guide Material
  •         Bronze
  • Valve Seats Machined
  •         Yes
  • Valve Seat Style
  •         Multi Angle
  • Valve Seat Material
  •         Hardened Ductile Iron
  • Intake Bolt Pattern
  •         Early Chevy or late (Vortec)
  • Valve Cover Mounting
  •         Center and perimeter bolt
  • Quantity
  •         Sold as a pair
  • Notes
  •         Heads are fully machined
            and ready for assembly

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    SBC ProComp Aluminum Cylinder Heads 190 Runner Bare:

    PC3002S..........190 Runner Straight Plug, Bare

    PC3002A..........190 Runner Angle Plug, Bare

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