Pertronix Flame Thrower HC Coil - Item # PTRD60103

Pertronix Flame Thrower HC Coil - Item # PTRD60103

New HC (HIGH CURRENT) E-core coils were engineered specifically for our Ignitor III ignition modules. HC coils have a high turns ratio and ultra low primary resistance enabling the ignition system to charge faster at high RPM’s. The coil is supported in a special heat sink made from aircraft 6063 T5 aluminum which efficiently transfers heat away from the windings.
  • 60,000 volts
  • Highly efficient E-core design
  • Vacuum potted coil body for longer life and increased reliability
  • 6063 T5 aluminum heat sink with black anodized corrosion resistant finish
  • Precision machined male high tension terminal and brass primary terminals

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